Not the story of my becoming straight, which has never truly happened and is beside the point. It is the story of my becoming whole, which is happening every day.

A review of Greg Coles’s Single Gay Christian from IVP


september 10 2017

(Gospel coalition october 6 2017)

I don’t think I’ve ever been as uncomfortable enjoying a book as I was while reading Paul Beatty’s 2016 Booker Prize winning novel The Sellout.

Jesus is heavenly and earthly. He is Peace; as a member of the Trinity he is the origin of joyful wholeness. And he came into Creation and planted that flag, and is working it out today even here, even now.

The lure of productivity is that it will buy us security, happiness. Produce accomplished children, high-paid work, healthy ministry, a skinny version of ourselves? The pressure and expectations can feel crushing.

Twice in the gospels, Jesus tells a story about a spirit, banished from a person, who wanders waterless places, and then returns to its previous host with seven other spirits even more evil. This parable had always perplexed me. 

Tegan and Sara’s masterpiece, The Con, debuted on July 24, 2007, less than a month before I said my marriage vows.  Its beauty was the soundtrack of the life I’d said yes to.

“We will assess the success of our lives in accordance not with whether they were righteous, but whether they were interesting and fun.”

Discussion of Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love and Macy Halford’s My Utmost.

“If you have the truth of Jesus without the way of Jesus, you get fundamentalism. If you have the way of Jesus without the truth of Jesus, you get liberalism. We need the way of Jesus and the truth of Jesus together.”

We evangelicals don’t burn animals on altars, but we still like the language of offerings. 

Tucked into the beginning of the book of Daniel is a poem, tight and energetic, praising the wisdom of God: “He reveals deep and hidden things.”

Rarely has an academic text felt as revelatory and immediately applicable as Jonathan Pennington’s Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew